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  • Steve Boatwright


Fear is something we all face in our lives. It can be considered normal, healthy, or lifesaving, depending on the situation. Those of us who have gone through a stroke may have many fears that attack us. It may be fear of being rejected by family, friends, co-workers, or fear of not being able to provide for our family. Some of us may deal with irrational fears that prevent us from living our lives to their fullest potential or engaging in new experiences.

I had so many questions going through my mind right after my stroke. I was now paralyzed on my right side and knew that there were many things I may not be able to do anymore and would have to depend on my wife and friends for help. Was I going to be able to still help my wife in our small business or continue my lifelong passion for music? Fear began raising its ugly head and tried hard to defeat me, but I knew that fear is a liar and there is always a way to work things out if we are willing to Never Give Up!.

Consider how your life could be different if you overcome this fear. How has fear kept you from doing things you would like to do, stopped you from trying, or give up before you've even attempted? Don't give in to fear, look at it straight on and say, "No more fear, you are a liar, and I will not let you take control of my life anymore". YOU CAN DO IT!!

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