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  • Steve Boatwright

Attitude is everything, so pick a good one.

It was about a year after my stroke that I ran into him. I was still adjusting mentally, physically, and spiritually to being disabled. But, I have mostly always been able to keep a good attitude with whatever may happen in life.

As I was hobbling into the grocery store with my cane, a gentleman was hobbling out with his. He stopped me and asked if I had a stroke, I said yes about a year ago. He told me his stroke had been 20 years ago, and then proceeded for the next 15 minutes with a very negative attitude, to tell me about all the terrible things that happened to him right after his stroke. Don't get me wrong, they were tough situations, but it seemed to me that after 18 or so years past, he could try harder to move on and improve his attitude. So, I just listened to him until he was finished.

He said he had to go, and as he was walking out the door I wished him the very best in life. He turned around looked at me, and said, "That'll never happen to me". Wow! I was left speechless and I vowed to NEVER have an attitude like that. To this day whenever I go to that same store, I think about him and hope his life is better and most certainly his ATTITUDE! Remember; When you go shopping for a new Attitude, pick a good one.

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