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Whenever we are in any life-changing event, a new situation, or a time in our life that is just plain hard on us, attitude is a big part of seeing that and many situations through. I bring this up because I know someone whose brother had a stroke back in April and he is having a very hard time accepting the fact that he had a stroke. He's very mad about it and has a Battitude, a Bad Attitude!

A growing body of research has shown that people’s mindsets can measurably affect physical healing. So accepting a situation such as a stroke my friend's brother had is tough but absolutely necessary. When I was in the hospital after my stroke I knew I couldn't be mad or form a bad attitude, I had to accept it and start at where I was at the time. Whenever the nurses or doctors would comment on what a good attitude I had considering what I've been through, it just made me stronger and ready to give it all I could for that day. Obviously, there were tough moments when I would just crash and needed to give my mind a rest.

One thing is certain: You don't even have to be particularly healthy to see the bright side. Ellen Idler, Ph.D., a professor at Rutgers University once interviewed a partially paralyzed stroke victim in a wheelchair who claimed to be in excellent health. "His only complaint was that he had recently strained his shoulder in a karate class," she says. "He never even mentioned the wheelchair."

One of my favorite scenes in any Rocky movie is his speech to his son who is having a hard time coping and adjusting to life's changes. There is one line in this speech that really encompasses resilience. This is when Rocky says, “But it ain’t about how hard you’re hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. ”The key to coping with stressful times and coming out on top is resilience. Even more than knowledge or training, having resilience in the face of hardships and unexpected changes can be the determining factor in whether you succeed or fail. Having resilience helps you thrive, even during troubling times, and turn potentially catastrophic situations into opportunities for growth. I hope and pray that my friend's brother can change his attitude for the better, so he can get better!

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