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Don't forget to say...

I was being interviewed yesterday on a Podcast called Stroke Forward. The interviewer Marcia, at one point, brought up Caretakers and if I thought as she did how underappreciated they are. In my case, my wife is my caretaker and I said she knows how much I appreciate all of her help. But I do agree that there are people who think that it's their job and that's what they get paid for. In that case, they are underappreciated!

Caretakers spend their time, helping, listening, learning, and encouraging us. A good caretaker will be more like family and do even the little things that others may never think of doing. They will be good communicators and build relationships by being kind, loving, and affirming. They will let you know you matter, instead of being a bother. But remember caretakers are only human and need a little understanding too when you see that they may be tired or a little stressed.

Whether your caretaker is a friend, family member, or hired help, appreciate them. Show them respect, thank them often and let them know how important they are to you. You don't have to say it like Elvis, but tell them "Thank you, Thank you Very Much".

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