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Feed your Brain!

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Healthy Foods for Brain Function

We all know that eating healthy food is essential for our bodies to function at their best. The same thing goes for your brain. Eating healthy foods can also help boost brain function, and there are plenty of foods out there to improve memory, brain, and nerve cells.

For example, one problem we may have is inflammation. Brain fog, a condition in which it is difficult to focus, is one symptom of inflammation. Another is a sudden drop in energy level. These may serve as signs it’s time to make changes in your diet. Certain foods lower the chances of brain inflammation and may help in improving memory, brain, and nerve cells. Including those on the list below.

  1. Fatty Fish-Improves your brain health with omega-three fatty acids

  2. Blueberries-Nutrient-rich for healthy brain function

  3. Eggs -A source of choline for good mental function

  4. Nuts-A rich source of omega-three fatty acids

  5. Avocados-Packed with healthy unsaturated fats and vitamin e

  6. Coffee-The perfect drink to get rid of brain fog

  7. Tea-Delicious drink for reduced risk of neurological diseases

  8. Garlic-A super ingredient to keep your brain healthy

  9. Broccoli-Packed with Vitamin K for brain health

  10. Lentils-A great alternative to rice that helps the production of brain cells

  11. Salmon-A great source of omega-three fatty acid

  12. Beets-Nitrates for lots of brain benefits

There are many other foods that also can help. I'm not a doctor or a medical professional.

Check these foods out, and do your own research if you're truly interested in Feeding your Brain.

Let's be Brainiacs together!

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