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  • Steve Boatwright

Furry, four legged therapy!

When my wife would come and visit me during my 4-week stay in the hospital, we were both very surprised that they allowed our dog Zoey to also visit. My wife would put her up in the hospital bed and she would cuddle up with me the whole time they were visiting. I can't explain how that helped me to heal mentally and spiritually.

When I finally arrived home Zoey went into her "Don't worry dad, I'm here for you" mode. Everywhere I wheeled myself around the house she was right there with me. I thought to myself, how could such a little animal make me feel so loved and cared about.

Some of you out there recovering with life after a stroke or any major life-changing event may want to consider a pet companion depending on your situation. Pets offer us unconditional love and even empathy! It is no wonder, then, that even Florence Nightingale believed that “a small pet animal is often an excellent companion for the sick, for long chronic cases especially.” See, you're already starting to think of names for your pet, aren't you?

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