• Steve Boatwright

Healthy Thinking...

Are you troubled by upsetting thoughts?

Hanging onto the negative?

Have a tough time seeing things positively?

If you feel this way, you are not alone!

We all find ourselves coping with troubling thoughts, especially when we're going through changes in our lives or feeling depressed, anxious, sad, angry, or stressed out. This is something we stroke survivors deal with especially at the beginning of our journey. It is one of those things we don't always know is going to happen, and all of the sudden...BAM! it hits.

Healthy thinking does NOT mean positive thinking! No one can look at things positively all the time. Sometimes bad things happen, such as getting fired at work, arguing with a friend, or worse losing someone you love. It's normal and healthy to feel upset and have negative thoughts when these things happen. Healthy thinking means looking at the whole situation—the positive, the negative, and the in-between parts—and then coming to a conclusion. In other words, healthy thinking means looking at life and the world in a balanced way, not through rose-colored glasses. What you believe about your potential is the master control for everything else. If you see your life as maxed out or pretty close to as good as it can get, how could you then expect it to get better? You have to believe to achieve.

Your thoughts have a big influence on your mental health, that's because what you tell yourself about a situation affects how you feel and what you do. I know from my own experience I must keep telling myself, I'm getting better every day, I'm not where I want to be, but I'm improving and I'm not where I used to be. How many people believe they can jump off of a tall building, spread their arms, and fly? Three or four, probably (RIP). Smart people won’t try it because they’d rather live. But some of these smart people also don’t try to learn a language, get in shape, or start a business because they don’t believe they can do those things either. Start thinking healthy and start believing you can, you will, and you will stop the stinking thinking!

Tip: Train your mind to think of solutions and ideas, not your problems and limitations.

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