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  • Steve Boatwright

Here's a book that could change your life forever!

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

I was very fortunate to be a part of this inspiring book and highly recommend it to all stroke survivors and even those who are going through other battles in life.

I like to urge survivors to stay in the present moment. Don’t analyze the past. You most likely won’t be doing what you used to do. Just accept that and move on. There is a future for stroke survivors. We don’t have to feel like outcasts. All of us can do something.

I see every day as a gift, a new opportunity to get better and improve. I notice and celebrate every improvement that has come along, no matter how big or small. For instance, you can’t think that the new movement in your finger is ‘only one tiny inch’, you have to think of that inch as a milestone. Because it is!

JUST SAY "YES" to LIFE! is available on Amazon and is a Best Seller! Authentic, vulnerable, and brave, the tales give stroke survivors, and those who love them, hope for the best possible recovery and encourage them to NEVER GIVE UP!

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