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Life doesn't...

We often grow up with an idea of what our life will look like when we are at a certain age, but life doesn’t necessarily mirror the image we had of it. And at that moment, we can feel inadequate, we can feel like a failure and we can feel that we failed to create the life we wanted or felt we deserve. But if we take a closer look sometimes the magic is in the journey rather than the destination, it is in the lessons we learn along the way and the changes we must go through to become the best versions of ourselves.

For those of us who have had life-altering experiences such as strokes, causing physical and mental disabilities, we know that life didn't turn out to be like anything we imagined! I have my days when I get down about it and wonder what went wrong, but when I look at my life now I'm very thankful and know that even with my physical disabilities life is good and I'm a blessed man.

You know how the saying goes “If you don’t bend you will break” You will find yourself face to face with your fears and your worst nightmares, but you will have to face them, even if you don’t win, even if you fall short, even if you will never be the same person again, you will navigate through them to reach your destination. It's like driving, sometimes you get lost, sometimes you take roads you don’t want to take, sometimes you drive alone at night and it can get scary, and sometimes you will have to stop at a red light even though you can’t wait to go home. But the key will always be to keep driving and steer the wheel in another direction, whatever the direction is that leads you back home.

When your life doesn’t turn out the way you wished for, it will humble you. It will make you a kinder person, a more sympathetic person, a wiser person, a stronger person, a less judgmental person, a deeper person, or simply it will make you human. You will learn to accept your fate and stop trying to change it. And after all the scars and hurt it will also surprise you sometimes in a good way, and one day you will look back and be able to connect the dots and make sense of it all. One day you will surprise yourself when you look at the image you had for your life and realize that it doesn’t resonate with you anymore and it doesn’t matter.

"Well that didn't go as planned"


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