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  • Steve Boatwright

Oh...just Shut-Up!!

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

I would describe myself as a man of faith, and “never a quitter.” My belief in God gave me the strength and confidence that I’d make it through the challenges ahead. On days when I just didn’t feel like going to therapy and try to talk myself out of it, I would immediately tell myself, Oh...just Shut-Up, you’re not a quitter, you are stronger than your opposition in every situation.

There will be difficult times. Sometimes you do fall apart and lose it, but with each new day you can get up and try again. And you surprise yourself sometimes in the evening, when you look back at the day and see all the things you actually did.

It's now been 8 years since my stroke and I'm having less of those difficult days, and you will too!

When you start to have those doubts and talk yourself out of doing something that you know is good for you, just say to yourself, Oh...just Shut-Up! (I mean this in a nice way).




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